jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

The homophobia, stupid...

We don’t event want to mention his name, privacy is a great value to protect and much more for children. But we don’t want to miss the opportunity to show our solidarity with him; he is only 6 years old and he already knows what means to be discriminated and suffer homophobic hatred. Harassment, contempt and emptiness have become part of his daily reality.
This is much more than a simple and individual case, this is the narrative experienced by millions of people all around the world suffering all the different levels of homophobic perversion and hatred.
Although homosexual marriage has been passed and it has a strong social support, homophobia has not been defeated yet in Spain as the following data shows:
  • About 30% of students has carried out homophobic actions such as insults or pejorative  comments.
  • About 15% has thrown out objects, hit or isolated their classmates as consequence of their sexual orientation.
  • 3% has been part of homophobic beatings.

Homophobic speech damages, even though Alcala de Henares Bishop would not understand this. As it was clearly demonstrated in the homily he addressed a few months ago.

In our opinion there is a contradiction between ethic-moral attitude and his words. We wonder if he would be touched by this data:

Alcala de Henares Bishop should analyze the limits of his own compassion. Superstitions, indifference to suffering and human condition criminalization, are examples of immorality. It is easy to preach at home while thousands of Christians are being persecuted as consequence of their faith exactly in the same way that other thousands of human beings are being persecuted because of their sexual orientation.
Our personal commitment with Human Rights make us stand by all of them.

We want to express our concern about the trivialization of this cause, because to overcome homophobia means for millions to live or die, freedom or oppression, dignity or humiliation. Activists all around the world are fighting every day and putting their lives at risk in order to defend the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals rights.

Every single day from the beginning, Movement Against Intolerance has been active against homophobia offering legal and social advice to victims of homophobic discrimination, preventing homophobic attitudes at school, radio broadcasting against intolerance, working with media, lobbying policy makers, making public demonstrations and researching on homophobic hate crimes. We also support LGTB movement participating in international meetings whose participant States “are not sensitive enough” with the homophobic issue or are just homophobic. 

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