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MCI ask Spanish government for more determination and  action in the struggle against racism.

Lucrecia Pérez was an afrodescendent migrant from Dominican Republic. Her murdered was the first racist motivated crime in the democratic Spain. It was overwhelmed condemned by majority of the people and public institutions. Today more than ever is needed to point out that social environment the make that crime possible are still there.
Economic crisis is having a deep impact in the increase of xenophobic prejudices against migrants, as it´s shown by officiatl statistics. Besides, organized extremismt groups are harassing minorities and feeding intolerance against migrants putting in danger the coexistence in the more complex diversity society as it is Spain nowadays.
Xenophoby has been strongly boosted by some succed of xenophobic political countries in several European countries such as Greek, Hungary, Holland, Germany and Austria among others. Democratic responses against them are not made in the proper way.
There are mulptiples factors that fooster xenophoby racism and related intolerance. These are some of the most important element of a compolex diagnosis:
·  Xenophoby and related intolerance are increasing. Migrants, roma, religious minorities are suffering this attitudes as it´s shown by official statistic data.
·  Internet is used almost without limitation to spread hatred and intolerance.
·  Xenophobic populism and neo-fascist activities are very well coordinated at European level.
·  Hate incidents and crimes are still going on.

Therefore, Movement against Intolerance ask to civil society to get active against this serious problem, Plus, MCI demands to Spanish Government more determination and decisive actions against racism and xenophobia.
Measures to be adopted:
·   To enforce article 510 of Penal Code to fight against hatred on the internet
·   To ban activities that promotes criminal intolerance
·   To ban political parties and organizations that promotes intolerance and hatred
·   To enforce and improve legislation against racism
·   Integral support to victims of hate crimes and their solidarity organizations
·   To create police unites specialize in fighting hate groups
·   To implement long term and wide actions plans against intolerance based on the concept of prevention. Tolerance and Human Rights must be spread.

November 12, 2012

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