miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

RAXEN 2001 Special Report: Two Years of the RAXEN Report

With the first two years of the RAXEN Report, we have finally approached the social problems in our society. The first step is to etablish that the problem exists. This is the great contribution of the RAXEN Report. The problem exists in all of Spain's Autonomous Communities. The RAXEN Report's future goals include: 

  • Turning the RAXEN Report into a tool for specialists and analysts
  • Projecting the RAXEN Report to the international level
  • Investigating new fields
  • Studying current fields more in-depth
  • Widening the capacity to report hate crimes
This RAXEN Report also focuses on the Legal and Judicial Response to Violent Urban Groups, from the history and current reach of such groups, to the existing laws in place, to suggestions for future laws.

Click here to download 2001 Special Report: Two Years of the RAXEN Report

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