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Rap Music Launches a Video clip against Racism

Leading Spanish rap groups and the NGO Movement against Intolerance denounce xenophobia with a song.
Tuesday, April 12, 2011. El Periódico, Madrid.  

The NGO Movement against Intolerance and some of the most important rappers from the Spanish music scene (such as, for example, El Chojin, Nach, Zatu de SFDK, Sho-Hai de Violadores del Verso, or El Langui de La Excepción) have produced a song and a video clip to denounce growing racism within parts of society. The objective is to distribute it as part of an educational and youth awareness campaign.
In the song, entitled “Rap contra el Racismo” (Rap against Racism), the various rappers each sing one part of the lyrics. They defend, for example, that “each person is unique in his/her kind, there is no motive or reason to despise,” or that “no human being can be illegal, what is illegal is that a human being would not have dignity.” “For however many songs that we make, for however much we may express ourselves, we are not aware,” they complain. El Chojin, whose father is from Equatorial Guinea, defends that “the problem comes when we don´t see the problem, and the problem remains when we deny it.” And in case anyone doubts it, this rapper ends the song saying “I guess it's not necessary to say it, but rap is with racism.”

Raising Awareness of Young People
During the campaign, they will distribute 3,000 copies of the DVD with the video clip that will be given to various educational, cultural and youth centers. The idea is that it will be accompanied by debates about racism and xenophobia in these centers. The video clip will also be spread on the Internet. Additionally, the campaign will include courses in rap and graffiti, musical production, and beginner´s break dance.
The origin of this project stems from the meeting of the president of the Movement against Intolerance, Estaban Ibarra, and El Chojin after the former asked the rapper what Spanish rap music could do against the advance of racism and xenophobia.

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