miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

RAXEN 2009 Special Report: Economic Crisis, Xenophobia, and Neo-fascism in Spain

Over 10 years of the RAXEN Report

Now that we´re in the 21st century, globalization has contributed to the intensification of migratory flows in response to the demands of labor markets. Nevertheless, with the eruption of the neoliberal crisis of capital accumulation, the weakness of the welfare state, and the exhaustion of the current democratic projects, it is a very difficult scene for vulnerable groups. Especially those in places where groups who exploit all types of contradictions and social conflicts to feed hate and xenophobic intolerance can nest comfortably.


  • Editorial: Economic Crisis, Xenophobia, and Neo-Fascism in Spain
  • Barometers of Intolerance
  • Institutional and Social Response
  • Xenophobia Against Immigrants
  • Racism Against Gypsies
  • Increase in Homophobia
  • Holocaust and Antisemitism
  • Manifestations of Islamophobia
  • Nazi-fascism on the Internet
  • Ultra violence and racism in football
  • Racist Concerts and Hate Music
  • Judicial action against neo-Nazi and ultra violence
  • International News on Racism and Intolerance
  • Memory of the victims of hate crime
  • Racism, Xenophobia, and Intolerance in Spain (2008 Incidents)

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