lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Rap against Racism Campaign


El Chojin, Locus y Nerviozzo de Dúo Kie, Gitano Antón y El Langui de La Excepción, Nach, Lírico, Kase O y Sho-Hai de Violadores del Verso, Xhelazz, Titó y El Santo de Falsalarma, Zatu de SFDK y Ose.

The “Rap against Racism” campaign is an educational and youth awareness campaign to combat the dangerous problem of racism. At its core is a song and video-clip that features the unselfish collaboration of some of the foremost artists in our country's rap scene – an anthem that, for the first time, has managed to unite the most important Spanish rappers (El Chojin, Locus y Nerviozzo de Dúo Kie, Gitano Antón y El Langui de La Excepción, Nach, Lírico, Kase O y Sho-Hai de Violadores del Verso, Xhelazz, Titó y El Santo de Falsalarma, Zatu de SFDK y Ose).

This campaign, promoted by the NGO Movimiento contra la Intolerancia (Movement against Intolerance), seeks to greatly impact the student audience and is convinced of the civil and social good that it can achieve in the face of the racism and xenophobia that causes so much harm. Using the Hip-Hop movement in general, and specifically rap, as the principle vehicles of expression and combat, the campaign uses the language of young people in order to reach young people. Its purpose is the commitment against racism and its slogan: Haz algo y si rapeas contra el racismo, mejor! (“Do something, and if you rap against racism, even better!”).

Its origin stems from the meeting of Esteban Ibarra and El Chojín after a question arose during a press conference about how Spanish rap could contribute in the fight against the dangerous advance of racism and xenophobia. And El Chojín was not the only one to respond – all of the artists involved in this song have answered as a single voice.

The campaign will distribute up to 3,000 DVDs with the video-clip of the song “Rap contra el Racismo” (Rap against Racism) in THREE THOUSAND educational, cultural and youth centers, in addition to posting it on all of the websites and online channels of the artists involved with the cause. It will serve to encourage classroom discussion with the goal of generating interest among young people and helping them to view racism and xenophobia as genuine problems that they must truly commit to fighting.

Participate in the Campaign, contact:
phone: 91.5307199

You already know: Do something! And if you rap against racism, even better!

¿What does the Movement against Intolerance call for?

The Movement against Intolerance warns that the economic crisis is contributing to the appearance of political messages that seek to provide populist and xenophobic answers to complex realities through the criminalization of society's most vulnerable groups, such as immigrants, gypsies, and religious and social minorities. It requests that democratic political parties permanently renounce the use of xenophobic populism and intolerant discourse as a means of capturing votes in their electoral campaigns and that they work to reduce the rejection of immigrants, gypsies, and other groups that is reflected in the polls.

Through education, mediums of communication, and society in general, the Movement against Intolerance seeks to create greater awareness in the face of the grave problems of racism and xenophobia, neutralizing prejudices, discrimination, and hate crimes and supporting democratic coexistence based on tolerance, interculturalism, respect, and solidarity.

The Movement against Intolerance requests that the government shut down racist and xenophobic websites so that “what is illegal beyond the Web is also illegal on the Internet.” It also begs the government not to authorize neo-Nazi concerts and to eradicate racist groups from among the groups of extreme soccer fans. As the European Union, the OSCE, and the European Council have already verified, the relationship between hateful, intolerant discourse and violence against vulnerable groups is an indisputable fact.

In the face of violent acts against vulnerable groups, the Movement against Intolerance reminds of the necessity of more specific penal instruments to combat hate crimes, and it calls for the reform of the Penal Code to reflect the still pending Framework Declaration of the European Union. It also requests the creation of prosecutors who specialize in hate crimes and discrimination in every province of Spain in order to officially persecute hate crimes and crimes of intolerance in response to the numerous cases of latent impunity. Finally, the Movement promotes the training of legal professionals and security forces in terms of racism, intolerance and hate crimes. 

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